What is The Virtual University ?
the-logo The virtual university is made in order to help students
to improve their performance academically and in life generally.
The Virtual University website provides a fertile environment for
students to improve their understanding of the materials they
study at university.Also,The Virtual University is an open source
for anyone who is interested in any material we provide here .
The main goal of The Virtual University is to support
students and to solve their academic and spiritual problems
in order to build a stronger,smarter and more organized student.
In order to reach our goal , we put everything that the
student may need to reach her/his goal(s).From academic content
of the lectures and tutorials of Faculty of Engineering ,
Ain Shams University and through FUN and Breaks to life coaching
and guidance .
All you need to do is to open The Virtual University and decide to
study.Then,reach your goal(s).

What Is The Virtual University And How To Use It Video