Green Initiative

Name: Green Initiative
Foundation date : 2012
About this student activity :
The first student activity in the Ain Shams University that is interested in renewable energy, our goal is to SAVE THE WORLD by Raise public awareness of its importance and Helping them to increase their technical knowledge of Green energy .

Mission :

1. Increase the society’s awareness regarding the rationalization of energy consumption.

2. Reduce the usage of the future-depleted energies and start using the renewable energy.

3. Let the faculty of Engineering Ain shams University enter the field of renewable energy.

Vision :
Green initiative is a Non-profitable organization aiming to make the Egyptian universities dependent on renewable energy and Making Egypt not only one of the self-sufficient countries in the field of energy, but also an energy exporting one.

Departments and committees:

– Marketing – Designers – Public Relations (PR) – Academic Co-ordinators(AC)

– Fund Raising (FR) – Project management and Procurement (P&P) – Human Resources (HR)

some of our workshops :

PV  Airborne wind Turbine SWH Green Building Green Electronics “Arduino” Juniors
Top Previous events And achievements :
– We were honored by the Egyptian Ministry of Environment -Providing 7 different workshops each year- – non technical seminar “green celebration “

Comming event(s) :

– our technical workshops

– non technical seminar”mega event “

Contacts :

(facebook , twitter and email and other contacts)