Aviation Club

Name: Aviation Club

Foundation date: 2011

About this student activity: Aviation Club is a Student-to-Student Organization, based in Faculty of Engineering Ain-shams University. It was founded in 2011 and organized by students from all majors. Our Scope is to cover practical, theoretical Training and research abilities in Aviation field. Aviation is one of the leading associations in Universities that mainly concentrates on the aviation field.
Mission: “To be an organization has an experience in the field of aviation, works as researchers & trainers to introduce and develop aviation technology and make it usable in all aspects of life”
Vision: “To be the leading office for aviation in all over the world and to establish community capable of building and developing aviation field as research center in our Arabian society”
Number of members:

about 100 member Departments and committees:

1 – Executive section which includes the organizational committees (HR, PR, FR, Logistics, Media, Social Media, IT, The Quality Management Manager and the Project Managers)

2 – Academic Section Which includes (Engine, Avionics, Aerodynamic and Juniors)                        committees

3 – Projects Section Which Includes (Engine, Avionics and Aerodynamic) committees

Top Previous events : (Aviation Academy 4.0)

Coming event(s): Aviation Academy 5.0

Contacts :

(facebook , twitter and email and other contacts)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/egaviationclub

Website: http://www.aviationclubeg.org

Gmail: aviationclubeg@gmail.com