Who Are We ?

We are , Mahmoud Mohamed and Mohamed El-Fiky , we are students
at faculty of engineering of Ain Shams university . We are at the
4th academic year and at the 3rd year of the electrical engineering-
-major. We are studying communication and electronic engineering.

Why did we decide to build The Virtual university ?

Actually , the idea of building the virtual university came from
our deep desire to help students to achieve their goals , reach their
dreams and to increase their performance and productivity in order to
be successful academically and to be successful in their life in general.

What Is Our MISSION ?

Our MSSION is to establish a virtual-online-digital version of the faculty of engineering
of Ain Shams university . Then , to establish an online , digital version of all faculties
of Ain Shams university . Then , a virtual version of all faculties and universities
all over EGYPT .