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A CV stuck in the past!

James Woodfield, Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Surrey, February 2014.

James explains: “Having worked for only one employer, in various roles, over the past 15 years, I wrongly assumed that a quick update to my CV would be enough to get the job interviews rolling in. My time and investment was wasted in applying to role after role with my „perfect‟ CV.

As the „thankyou for your application, unfortunately…‟ started to roll in I realised that the most important selling point in a very crowded job market wasn’t just my experience and job skills, it was a strong CV with input from more experienced hands.

Once I had decided this was my next step I had to choose who to use. There are a lot CV companies on the market all offering „fast turnaround‟„A new CV in 48 hours‟ and so on ; but I realised that the person who was to help me with my CV had to sit with me, get to know my strengths and personality to let me fully sell myself.

I chose to look locally within South East England (Surrey and surrounds), for a company who had experience, but also offered more than telephone consultations.

Using Google a number of „local‟ companies all offered a very similar service, but on contacting them I realised that their idea of local was not mine. Most offered a free CV review and I duly sent off my existing CV.

Of the six companies I sent applications to, only three replied, one by phone and two by email. The phone contact was good, but then it was explained this wouldn’t be the person writing and helping with my CV ; instead another individual would be in contact by email or phone and would I like to add this service and that service for a fee? “

Why James chose me: “The final email from Premium CVs was exactly what I had expected. The person (Sue) who made contact, explained what she could do for my CV once she had seen it and would advise the best route for me.

Sue was easily contactable and responded to my queries with great experience and advice. “ How I helped James: “After the initial enquiry it was only a week to wait till the face-to-face consultation meeting.

She then followed through by updating my CV .” Result!: “I now have a document that I‟m proud to place on employment websites and send to potential employers, giving me confidence again to look at jobs and know my CV won‟t let me down.

Thank you again Sue for providing me with a CV that shows my strengths and capabilities in a still crowded job market.”

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